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THE ROAD TO MANDALAY                                    
by Midi Z
Drama - Taiwan, France, Germany, Myanmar - 2016 - 108min 

The human traffickers have a well-established route:  from Burma into Thailand across the Mekong River at Tchilek, along quiet country roads, passing bribed police checkpoints and into Bangkok, where the illegal migrants are on their own.  Lianqing is one of five illegals who travels this route one summer night in 2013; along the way a fellow migrant called Guo is kind to her, and their fates later become entwined. Once in Thailand, Lianqing finds ‘underground’ jobs, saves money and finds out where to buy fake identity papers with the hope of making it to Taiwan. But Guo has different ambitions…

'An indie stalwart’s refined leap into the mainstream... Z has proved that the spirit of the New Taiwan Cinema remains very much alive.' 

26/01/2017 I 15:30 I Pathé 3 I Public
27/01/2017 I 09:30 I Pathé 4 I Public
29/01/2017 I 21:30 I LantarenVenster 5 I Public
04/02/2017 I 16:45 I Cinerama 3 I Public
LE CIEL FLAMAND (FLEMISH HEAVEN)                                
by Peter Monsaert
Drama - Belgium - 2016 - 112min 

A look at the lives of three generations of women. Monique and her daughter Sylvie run a brothel on the border of West Flanders and France. Eline, Sylvie's six-year-old daughter, is fascinated by the mysterious workplace of her mother and grandmother, but she is never allowed inside. A dramatic event turns their lives upside down and the family ties are put under pressure.
'An atmospheric, elegantly stylised piece of emotional realism.' SCREEN 

26/01/2017 I 14:30 I Kino 2 I Public
28/01/2017 I 15:45 I Pathé 1 I Public
01/02/2017 I 22:00 I Pathé 5 I Public
03/02/2017 I 12:30 I Doelen Jurriaanse Zaal I Public
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GHOST HUNTING                                         
by Raed Andoni
Documentary - France, Palestine, Switzerland, Qatar - 2017 - 95min

In order to confront the ghosts that haunt him, Palestinian director Raed Andoni decides to build the replicate of Al-Moskobiya, Israel's main interrogation centre, where he was jailed at age 18. Helped by ex-inmates, he attempts to re-enact a story that took place inside the centre’s walls.
FOREIGN BODY                                                          
by Raja Amari
Drama - France, Tunisia - 2016 - 92min

Seeking refuge from her Islamist radical brother, Samia stays at her friend Imed's, but longs for her independence and freedom. She will find it in the form of Mrs Bertaud, a rich widow she starts working for. Their professional relationship soon turns into a sensual connection which troubles Imed, torn between his religious beliefs and his sexual desires. 
Starring Hiam Abbass (The Visitor, Lemon Tree, Dégradé)
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SNOW IN VENICE                                                       
by Elliott Covrigaru
Comedy - France - 2016 - 80min

Serial (Bad) Weddings meets The Dinner Game. Christophe, a failing playwright, and his leading actress and partner Patricia, get invited for the weekend by a former classmate preparing to marry his naive girlfriend. During dinner, fed-up with Christophe’s attitude, Patricia pretends to be an immigrant from a made-up country, and the quid-pro-quo quickly spirals out of control…
HOUNDS OF LOVE                                     
by Ben Young
Thriller - Australia - 2016 - 108min

In the mid 1980’s seventeen-year-old Vicki Maloney is randomly abducted from a suburban street by a disturbed couple. As she observes the dynamic between her captors she quickly realises she must drive a wedge between them if she is to survive.

'Ben Young's debut is a genre-bending powerhouse thriller, a harrowing ride that morphs from discrete horror to probing character study and back again in a vivid yet admirably restrained 108 minutes (...) a calling card not soon forgotten.' VARIETY
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JOE CINQUE'S CONSOLATION                                   
by Sotiris Dounoukos
Crime Drama - Australia - 2016 - 102min 

In late 1997 Anu Singh, a beautiful law student in Canberra killed her boyfriend Joe Cinque after months of telling friends and colleagues she planned to kill herself and take him with her. Despite the warnings, no one stopped her. Joe Cinque’s Consolation is the screen adaptation of Helen Garner’s celebrated account of those events – a psychological crime drama that examines Joe and Anu’s relationship and the circumstances that led to tragedy.

'The promising feature debut of Aussie director Sotiris Dounoukos will appeal to fans of real-life crime stories'. VARIETY
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THAT THING CALLED LOVE                                
by Carlos César Arbeláez
Drama - Colombia - 2016 - 92min 

The Box, Prepaid and The Happy Girl are three stories that all begin at the La Polonesa coffee shop in Medellín, Colombia on Mother’s Day Sunday. In each of the stories, the characters  seem to be guided by an inescapable destiny. 
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